Minions Escaping Toy

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Try Whether the Intelligence of Minions Escaping Toy Can Beat Your Kid & Pet!

Want to troll your kid or pet? This Minions Escaping Toy will be the best troll ever! The intelligent escaping eligibility of the toy can surprise you!


  • ASTONISHING INFRARED SENSING: The intelligent sensing chip inside this notorious toy will aid to escape whenever your kid or pet goes near it. Hence they won’t have enough of this “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN” toy! A most refreshing way to keep your Lil ones engaged for a long time.

  • The BEST GIFT FOR KIDS & PETS: Who doesn’t love the cutest minion? You can give the best gift to your Lil one or pet on their birthday, Christmas, New year celebration. Make your little one laugh with this cute little thing! They can’t restrict themselves from playing with this one!

  • HIGHLY RESPONSIVE: Hit this cute toy, and the minion will flash its light and interact in its Minionese language ( also known as Banana language!!). In its sleep mode, tap this highly responsive toy, and it will be back again doing its crazy stunts! It sounds like fun, right? 

  • UNBEATABLE MATERIAL: The toy is made of high-quality eco-friendly PVC that are Safe and Non-Toxic, BPA, and Lead-Free. Stop worrying about quality!